Dark Mind Control and Persuasion Techniques Revealed

Dark Mind Control and Persuasion techniques are not new concepts. These techniques are as old as mankind himself.
In every social group of over two, there are those who have the dominant character and those with the weaker character. Once these two categories of people interface, the exchange of ideas happens, and the weaker is prone to influence by the dominant.

Dark Mind Control and Persuasion Techniques are advanced forms of influence.

They both extract influence on their victim, without it, the techniques cannot take a foothold.

Mind control has attracted the attention of many for as long as human history remembers. There are no shortage of movies, stories and conspiracies about mind control.

Knowing what is true and want is not in the thick web of conspiracies is impossible to achieve with self-scrutiny. The entire foundation of dark mind control, the very idea itself is difficult to believe. My honest piece of advice if you are facing this problem is to discard everything you have heard from conspiracy outlets and watch from movies.

Once you do that, grab a plate of popcorn and a jug of home-made orange juice and read these articles with an open and accepting mind.
The media people and the movie industry have a tendency to overemphasize mind control techniques while under-emphasizing persuasion techniques. No technique is greater than the other, they may have unique approaches but are always to achieve the same thing.

Persuasion Techniques Mind Control

Dark Mind Control is more difficult to believe in its existence than Persuasion Techniques. We commonly use persuasion Techniques are in everyday life, Dark Mind control is not that pronounced.

Everyone has a backlog of encounters with persuasion techniques, either we are the persuaders or the persuaded. Dard Mink Control is not as common and requires a certain skill set to carry out.

  • Are these techniques real?
  • Is Dark Mind Control a thing?
  • Are Brainwashing and Hypnosis possible?
  • Is it possible for a human being to control the mind of another human being?

These questions divide the world population into three: the ones who agree that these dark mind control, the ones who do not know what to think and the ones who do not agree.

What is Dark Mind Control?

Dark Mind Control involves trying to influence or manipulate the mind of another individual (s). The term ‘dark’ does not just refer to the sinister mind control. It refers to the mind control done for the benefit of the initiator (the one doing the mind control), the victim rarely gets any benefits and often gets harmful effects from the entire process. Dark Mind Control Techniques works best when the victim is unaware of the intentions and the process started by the predator.
Dark Mind Control Techniques includes the following: manipulation, brainwashing, hypnosis, deception and persuasion.

What is Persuasion Techniques?

What is Persuasion Techniques?

Persuasion Techniques are commonplace in society. It is the use of subtle means to change or influence the mind of others. If we are critical of ourselves and our life experiences, we discover that we are highly susceptible to this persuasion techniques.
We are all victims of this and we may have even taken it a step further and use persuasion techniques to control and influence the minds of others. We do it most times without realizing what we are doing.

Some common persuasion techniques are: foot-in-the-door, door-in-the-face, anchoring, reciprocation and social proof.
Subsequent articles will open your eyes to what these persuasions and dark mind control are, how to use it, how to use it for your benefits, how to spot it and how to prevent such subtle control of the mind.

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