Dark Mind Control Methods Explained

Dark Psychology is a concept we find hard to believe exists. Just the suggestion that someone can control our minds for their selfish reasons is enough to make us angry and alarmed. We call people who engage in these acts manipulators and that is a generous term!

Dark Mind Control is not all about harming or manipulating people, there are some instances where such knowledge is applied for the greater good. For example, when used on drug addicts to get them to drop their addiction to drugs.

Predators often use these skill sets to prey on their victims for their advantage.

The intent of the manipulation varies, it can be for good or bad, selfish, or unselfish purposes. Whatever the intent, the very core of dark psychology is all about controlling people against their natural will in a subtle and unnoticeable fashion.

What is Dark Psychology?

Controlling the Mind

It is the act and science of coercing, influencing, and controlling the mind of individuals. The term dark there signifies evil, illegal, immoral, and of course, socially unacceptable. In no sane world is an individual ever going to answer that he or she enjoys being manipulated by others.

Dark Mind Control is more popular and pronounced than we think. In two different polls on Twitter, I conducted for this piece, I asked “How often do people get manipulated by others?” and “How often do you fall victim to dark mind control tactics?”

I provided four multiple options: A – Every day, B – Weekly C- Monthly and D – Yearly. Out of 53 respondents, 6 chose option A, 30 chose option B, 14 chose option C and 3 chose option D.

If I ask you the same question now your answer is likely to be in between weekly and monthly. People are aware of dark manipulators and their influence over them but they underestimate how big and regularly it is.

Every day, people subconsciously and consciously practice dark psychology. The more people we come in contact with people daily, the more our chances of falling victim to mind control manipulation.

How does it work?

Dark Mind Control works when the target is unaware of the motives of the predator. It is not magic or voodoo, it doesn’t involve reciting of spells, strong incantations, and other crazy things people do.

Predators understand human nature, how the mind works, and uses that knowledge to influence others.
It is not some ancient knowledge reserved for a few, it is commonplace in society.

Dark Mind Control works when the predator manipulates its victim by creating a form of dependency. The type of manipulation here is subtle and the victim is unaware of how affected he or she is by the antics of the manipulator.

The victim thinks he or she is in control of the narrative. They feel independent and free making their choices and decisions. They are oblivious to the fact that they are being controlled and influenced by the manipulator’s best interest.

Who is susceptible to dark mind control?

The answer is everybody. Dark Mind Control is no respecter of person or status. No one has natural immunity from it. Every day we encounter different kinds of influences that battle for the control of our minds.

This is not a physical battle, so we hardly see it and go about like we are in total control of our bodies and minds. In reality, friends, families, and associates who know us so well often use dark mind control techniques to get us to do want they want.

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