Dark Mind Control Tactics

There are many dark mind control techniques. Every manipulator has his or her own unique set of techniques. The masters are those who have mastered all five. They are so good that they hardly leave traces behind.

The common ones are the technique of brainwashing, the technique of hypnosis, the technique of manipulation (most common), a technique of persuasion and the technique of deception.


1. The Technique of Brainwashing

Technique of Brainwashing

Brainwashing is the practice of conniving an individual to cast aside their basic beliefs to adopt fresh ones. It is some through a lot of them, some good and some bad, we will only consider the dark ones here.

For example, the way terrorist organizations recruit extra members is brainwashing. The organization sells you a vision that is not part of your known beliefs. They use uncommon combinations to entice you, including making you picture them as the moral guys and their enemies the evil guys.

Brainwashing just like other dark mind control techniques require time and a set of different tactics to work. Forget what you have watched on TV or the crazy idea of brainwashing device.

To brainwash an individual, break their resolve and only when they are vulnerable can the fresh ideas take root. The process can take months to years to perfect.


2. The Technique of Hypnosis

Hypnosis is a technique used for dark mind control. It is a process whereby the hypnotist engages in an apparently innocent interaction with individual (s) and makes suggestions to the individual (s) on what to do to stir a response from them.

We use hypnosis for medical benefits such as helping patients reduce their stress and anxiety levels. It becomes a mind control technique when used to proffer suggestions and make the individual act in a way is opposite what we consider normal. The result is always not for the benefit of the individual but for hypnotist. It can even result in harmful results.

Your idea of hypnosis is probably someone swings a hanging clock, and the individual who looks at the swinging motion enters some kind of semi-trace. Want to know the truth? What the hypnotist does is not to hypnotize the individual but to help the individual reach that stage.

It is difficult if not impossible to use hypnosis for pervasive control of the mind. Rather, what is likely possible is the use for some changes to behaviors and beliefs in an individual.


3. Technique of Manipulation

Manipulation Mind Control

It is correct to argue that manipulation cut across all the other techniques of dark mind control. Manipulation is the art of using unfair means to serve one’s purpose at the expense of another. Expect the manipulator is gaining from the interaction at the expense of the victim, it is not manipulation. It involves deceptive, abusive and selfish antics and tactics.

It is a powerful dark mind control technique that tricks the victim into believing they are in control and doing what is right for them. This technique, used by those who are close to us, such as family members and friends.

The manipulator character type is one that shows no empathy, which makes it dangerous for the victim. There is no length the manipulator cannot reach just to achieve his or her selfish purpose, how harmful it is to the manipulated is not a concern.


4. Technique of Persuasion

Persuasion from a quick glance appear like a more subtle form of manipulation. It works the same way the technique of manipulation works.

Every day, we practice the technique of persuasion; we try to influence people’s mind, decisions, behaviors and attitudes in our interactions. There is a difference between persuasion in everyday life and persuasion as a dark mind control technique.

Only when it is for evil such as exploitations and has a potentially harmful effect for the victim is it considered a dark mind control technique.

Persuasion is subtle, we rarely detect when someone is using it against us. It is amazing how someone can use this technique to make us accept values and thoughts that do not conform to our value system.


5. Technique of Deception

Deception is the act of tricking someone to believe an idea or situation that is false. It is the deliberate misleading of an individual for often personal benefits. This form of dark mind control is effective, the victim rarely know they are being deceived.

Deception involves using propaganda, camouflage, distraction and concealment tactics. It makes the victim to think or do things a certain way. It involves concealment of information to sell. It is a harmful technique and leaves victim feeling betrayed and used.


The knowledge of the various techniques of dark mind control will help reduce our susceptibility to the act. We can take out a thing or two from these techniques and apply it for our benefits in our relationship with others.

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