How Can I Control My Mind From Unwanted Thoughts?

The very first aspect of mind control that you need to come to understand is the control of your own mind. Learning to control your own mind from unwanted thoughts is the first step towards understanding how someone else’s mind works, so it’s a good practice to undertake.

Most people experience negative and unwanted thoughts sneaking into their minds every now and then. An unwanted thought can be anything from an anxious feeling, to something that triggers a negative mood and ruins your day, or remembering embarrassing moments from your past, or having trouble getting over something bad that happened, and the list goes on and on.

For some people, these thoughts are fleeting and not something that is going to dehabilitate them. For others, unwanted thoughts can completely take over and make it very difficult to lead a normal, happy life.

Let’s go over some commonly recommended strategies to regain control of your thoughts and your mind. For some people, this will be enough to balance out the unwanted thoughts and to help them get on a path to a more comfortable normal, but sometimes the issue is something that will require professional care and attention. If your unwanted thoughts are telling you to harm yourself, you should seek professional care. Unwanted and dark thoughts happen, but it’s important to seek help if these thoughts are ever tempting you into doing something dangerous or harmful to yourself or to others. Finding a professional to work with is kind of like trying different restaurants, you won’t always enjoy the first place you try, so go into this understanding that it’s an on-going process and it takes ongoing work.

Strategies for Stopping Unwanted Thoughts

Here are some strategies that you can use to control your mind from unwanted thoughts, in order to keep those thoughts from entering your mind and distracting your consciousness. If those thoughts still creep in, then understanding how to get rid of them once they are already there is the next step.

Take Inventory of Your Unwanted Thoughts

You can perform this next exercise all at once, or throughout the day. It will probably end up being an on-going process, as you’ll come up with new ideas for thoughts as they enter your mind.

This first exercise consists of taking inventory of your unwanted thoughts, which means to write them down. Simply write down the anxieties, thoughts, and fears that enter your brain throughout the day and that prevent you from focusing, and doing the things that you want to do.

You can write this down on your phone in a note taking app, a physical notebook, a scrap of paper – whatever you’re comfortable with. The idea is just to put them out there, to acknowledge them, to identify these thoughts.

This alone won’t get rid of these thoughts, but it will take them out of your subconscious and bring them right to the forefront. You might be surprised how many unwanted thoughts you have during the course of a day, and with a little practice you’ll get better and better at noticing them. There could be some that come up that you weren’t even aware of.

Battle Those Thoughts

One by one, imagine these unwanted thoughts. It’s good to work on one at a time. Start with one thought per day, per week, per month – whatever it takes. It’s different for everyone, and it depends on how severe the thoughts are, etc, to determine how long you should focus on each one.

Start this second exercise by imagining a scenario in which this unwanted thought was able to take hold of you. It could be something recent, or something that’s stuck with you from your past, or even something entirely hypothetical.

  • Focus on this thought. It’s usually an unwanted thought, but we want you to take control of it.
  • Summon the thought on your own terms.
  • Control this thought.
  • Be in charge of this thought.
  • Focus your energy on this thought, visualize how it makes you feel, and just focus on it in general.

Winning The Battle – The Final Blow!

After you’re focusing on the thought at the forefront of your mind, allow yourself to shout at the thought. You can shout something like “STOP!” or “DISAPPEAR!” or “YOU DON’T CONTROL ME.”

Some experts recommend setting a timer on your phone to play a recording of yourself saying the phrase, and then setting the timer at random intervals between 2-5 minutes each round. It’s best if you don’t know exactly how long it’s set for, the idea is to be surprised/startled so you don’t know exactly when it’s coming.

This will distract you, for a split second, and interrupt your focus on the thought. Use that moment to banish the thought.

Keep at this, and slowly but surely you’ll gain more and more control over the thought.

Another method, if you don’t want to record your voice and don’t have a way to play it back, is to simply set a timer or alarm for the same interval, but shout out “STOP!” out loud, or “GO AWAY” or whatever you choose.

By summoning this thought and then banishing it, you’re taking control of unwanted thoughts and gaining the ability to force those thoughts to leave your mind on command.

After you’ve done this for a while, you can try speaking away the thought at a normal volume level, and then whispering, and then practice with the alarm except just think the thought away in your head, without saying a word.

This is like a muscle. At first, you’re weak and not used to using this “muscle” at all. That’s why the thoughts have total control over you. With repetitions and consistent practice, you’ll be able to slowly build the muscle and eventually you’ll have control over these thoughts.

What if it Doesn’t Work?

If these thoughts are brought on by a persistent problem or struggle in your life, you won’t be able to completely stop thinking about them until the root of the thoughts is solved. If it’s anxiety over money or something else, or procrastination, or a personal relationship that needs some care, or whatever else – sometimes just thinking about the thoughts going away isn’t enough, because the cause of the thoughts hasn’t been dealt with.

Take a look around at the rest of our mind control strategies to learn more mind control tips, advanced mind control, and secret tricks that you need to be very careful with.

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