Using Mind Control To Get Your Ex Back [WARNING: CONTROVERSIAL]

We’re about to embark on a very controversial topic that applies to men and woman alike.

Everyone can relate to being in a relationship that just didn’t work out, for one reason or another. Sometimes, it’s because of something you did and sometimes it’s because of something you didn’t do. Either way, it never feels good wonder what could have been.

Sometimes, your ex will reach out and you’ll both just know that you were happier together, and you’ll decide to rekindle things and it will work out and everyone will be happy.

But sometimes, you may not want to get back together. You might be done with them. But for some reason, you’ll find yourself going back. It’s like they have control over your mind.

The question about whether or not it’s possible to use “mind control” to get an ex back really comes down to thinking about whether that’s ever been used on you before.

We are not here to encourage you to trick or manipulate somebody into getting into a relationship with you if you know it’s not what they want to do. Instead, it’s possible to use various mental techniques to help someone see that you could be happy together, and most importantly, to ensure that you yourself are protected from falling victim to any of the darker mind control techniques that somebody might use to try to control you.

What’s This Page For?

This page is here to help you understand that there are people out there who are using dark mind control to manipulate their exes into taking them back, even if the exes don’t want to be with them. If you’ve had this happen to you, you know what it’s all about.

This page is also here to help you understand that you can use certain mental tricks and shortcuts to help your ex admit that they were happier with you, and that they want to give you a second chance. We don’t condone any abusive or manipulative behavior, especially towards vulnerable people. Because of this, we want you to understand these techniques, so you can make sure they’re never happening to you.

Alright, that clears things up, so let’s dig a little deeper.

Using Psychological Triggers To Get Your Ex Back

Mind control really comes down to using different techniques that can help someone think of things in a different way. It’s not that much different than sales and marketing, or the way that app developers use mind control techniques to make their social media apps so addictive. Of course, it’s a bit different on a 1:1 scale with someone you know in real life, but here are some different techniques. Whether or not these techniques works will come down to your ex’s personality, and how aware they are of these things, and of course the unique situation that lead to your relationship ending. Not all relationships can be repaired, and not all relationships should be repaired.

  • Live your life: One of the most magnetizing things you can do, is to just keep living your life. Don’t sit around in sorrow and despair, and even if you feel sorry for yourself, don’t show it. Nothing will push your ex away faster than seeing you looking like a total mope. If your ex sees you living your best life, having a great time, and enjoying life they’ll start to remember what they loved about you in the first place.
  • Don’t try to debate them or change their mind directly: Obviously, if you’re trying to get your ex back, you’ll want to change their mind about ending the relationship but this is something that has to happen on an emotional level. You can’t “logic” your way into winning a debate to convince them to come back, they will just put up falls. It has to be a feeling that brings them back. This is where the idea of “mind control” comes into play, instead of just “having a very convincing argument that wins them over.”
  • Act like you don’t want them back: This seems strange, but if your ex has even an inkling of wanting to get back together, they may have the personality type where they want what they can’t have. If they think you’re available and just sitting around waiting for them, this might not be as attractive to them as having to chase you a bit, or to think this whole thing is their idea instead of your idea. This doesn’t mean you have to play childish games like always waiting a few days to text them back or anything like that, but don’t make them your top number 1 priority instantly, either.
  • Embrace the awkwardness: If you’re talking to your ex, embrace the awkward moments. Make them your moments, control the awkwardness by not caring about it. Wait for them to speak first if you’re both just looking at each other. Ask questions, wait for the answer. Let them fill in the awkward silences because that’s where you can learn a ton about what’s going on.
  • Stay calm: Stay calm, relaxed, and maybe even a bit disconnected. Don’t get too emotionally involved in the process of getting your ex back. Obviously, it’s an emotional thing, but you have to approach it very balanced and stable.

Is Your Ex Messing With Your Mind?

Remember, when reading through these techniques, to look at them from both sides. If you’ve ever found yourself totally out of control when trying to get away from an ex, who seems to always find a way to lure you back, think very hard – were they using any of these techniques? Now that you’re aware, you’ll have an easier time avoiding their dark mind control.

And if you’re trying to get an ex back, now you are better-equipped to navigate that process.

These examples are just the techniques that we can draw from and work from as part of a bigger picture, but if you really want to get serious about this, we have another answer. This is only for people who are very seriously motivated to try to get their exes back (or to learn the nasty tricks their exes might be trying to use on them…)

The Next Step: BEWARE, It’s NOT for Everyone

This is NOT for everybody.

Some people don’t have the stomach for this.

Some people would prefer to keep seeing the world the same way they always have.

But if you feel like there’s more going on under the surface, other levels to reality that most people aren’t aware of, you’re absolutely right.

We want to help you navigate this strange undercurrent of energy that lives just below the surface.

People wake up, they go to work, they follow the same patterns everyday without ever really thinking beyond that.

Are you different?

You might be a good candidate to learn about mind control, how it’s used by people, and how to avoid having it used on you.

But not everybody is a good fit for this knowledge.

If you want to dive deeper, we invite you to take the plunge, and we’ll guide you. Our in-depth book series covers all of the various forms of mind control that one might encounter in this world, and that one might learn to harness…

And it also covers dark mind control, which is not something to take lightly. If you promise not to take this knowledge for granted, and not to share it with anybody who might use it for malicious reasons, we invite you to take the next step…

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