What Does an NLP Coach Do? (And Here’s What They CAN’T Do…)

Maybe you’ve met someone who introduced themselves as an NLP coach, or you’ve stumbled across an NLP coach trying to sell you some sort of coaching or life-improvement lessons or course, or maybe you’ve just heard the term and are curious what an NLP coach is, and what they do?

While NLP factors in as one small area of mind control, it’s not our main focus here at Controlling Minds. We explore a number of different techniques and styles of mind control, with an emphasis on helping you improve your life in a meaningful way by harnessing the powers to gain a greater level of control and awareness of the world around you – which includes being able to recognize dark mind control techniques in the event that somebody tries to use them on you. This awareness, understanding, and ability to use various forms of mind control and to recognize them as they’re used in the real world every single day will give you an advantage is so many different areas of life. From personal relationships, to work, to friendships – you’ll learn how to make people like you better, and how to get what you want. Most importantly, you’ll learn how to prevent people from getting whatever they want from you.

But what does that have to do with NLP?

NLP is just one way, one small avenue to explore the mind and how one can control it. While we think it’s better to have a much larger toolbox, and that’s what we teach on this site, it doesn’t hurt to have at least a basic grasp on NLP as you venture into other forms of “mind control”, per se. The mind is a very powerful tool, but it’s only as strong or powerful as you’re willing to let it be.

Here’s What an NLP Coach Does:

An NLP coach uses and teaches neuro-linguistic programming techniques and exercises to their clients, in order to help them to overcome self-limiting thinking patterns and other things that can hold people back from reaching their goals.

A NLP coach has ideally taken some sort of certification course, and is familiar with the various techniques in their field. It’s not the same as seeing a therapist, and they don’t have the certifications to diagnose or assist with mental illnesses, and it would be wildly irresponsible for them to suggest that, so take that as a huge red flag if you ever stumble across it.

The Problem with NLP Coach Do?

We believe that learning to understand mind control, and learning to control your own mind, is a lifelong endeavor that will lead you down many different paths of enlightenment. NLP focused on one narrow part of that path, but we believe there’s a lot of value in self-study at your own pace, and to explore all of the different options. They all work together in different ways, so there’s nothing inherently wrong with learning NLP or focusing on it, but if you only worked with an NLP coach, you’d be missing a lot of the really “fun” and the most powerful stuff.

We have compiled a lot of information across this website, and in our complete book and guide that you can download to study at your own pace. It will cost you less than one single session with any NLP coach, and you’ll have access to infinitely more information. It’s just something to think about.

If you’re ONLY interested in studying NLP and you want to completely disregard all other areas of mind control and dark mind control, by all means, you’ll find what you want with a coach.

But if you’re at all intrigued about exploring a little deeper, the less mainstream stuff, the stuff that most people don’t even want to think about, let alone talk about…

Then come along for the ride, join us, read our books and other material, and enjoy having a heightened and more powerful sense of control over your mind, your thoughts, and how people react to you in your day to day life.


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