What Is An Example of Gaslighting? 5 Gas Lighting Examples Explained

Gaslightning is a very common emotional manipulation technique, it’s a way that some people will try to control the minds of other people. It’s a form of psychological abuse and dark mind control. If you want to learn more, check out “What does it mean when someone is gaslighting you?”

Sometimes, it’s easier to understand something when you have a few concrete examples of it. Maybe you’ll be able to relate some of these examples of gaslighting to your own life. Maybe you’ve even been the person doing the gaslighting?

Why Does it Matter?

There are two reasons that you should be interested in mind control and various mind control techniques that are used. The first reason is because understanding these techniques is the best way to ensure that they don’t get used on you against your knowledge. When you understand how they work, you’ll be able to spot them from a mile away. You can use this to protect yourself from falling victim to mind control, and to “reverse” it and gain the upper hand for yourself. When someone thinks they have you under their control, but you know they don’t, that actually gives you total control of the situation.

The other reason that it’s good to understand mind control is because you can use various techniques for your own gain. Imagine going into a negotiation and being able to sit down at the table and basically ask for whatever you want, knowing that you’ll get it, because you understand how to get other people to do and say whatever you want them to. There are limits, of course, but a skilled practitioner will find themselves coming out ahead more often than not. From simple ways to influence people, to more advanced techniques to get what you want, you can live a better life when you stop waiting for things to happen for you, and you start making them happen. It’s about learning how to play the game, and how to navigate on a level that most people will never even consider, let alone understand.

When it comes to gaslighting, it’s very important to know when to recognize it so that you can trust yourself, your brain, and your experiences to ensure that nobody is able to gaslight you. It’s not always easy, because some bad actors are very skilled at this technique.

Take a look at these examples of gaslighting and you’ll closer to recognizing patterns in your own life.

5 Examples of Gaslighting That You May Have Experienced

Here are some of the most commonly experienced signs and examples of gaslighting you. Do any of these sound familiar?

  1. Planting Doubt Over Minor Things: A gaslighter may start trying to break you down by doing little things like moving your pen or keys, leaving your laptop open, unlocking the door after  you’ve locked it, etc. This can slowly eat away at your trust in yourself, and then they’ll be ready to strike in much more sinister ways.
  2. Repeatedly Lying to You: A series of lying, dishonesty, and trickery can be a telltale sign of gaslighting behavior.
  3. Putting You On The Spot and Made To Feel Inadequate: A gaslighter may put you on the spot, causing you to feel defensive and like you don’t have control. This makes it harder to defend yourself.
  4. They Escalate The Confrontation Rapidly When Challenged: If you start to push back or defend yourself at all, they may escalate the confrontation to the next level, to a point where you’ll basically have to go insane to keep up, but then they’ll start pointing out that you’re acting crazy, and the gaslighting cycle continues.
  5. False Hope: A gaslighter will often sense when they’ve started to push a bit too far, too quickly. They’ll start to offer false hope, acting like they’ll change, or they’ll simply let up the pressure a bit with their tactics.

You don’t want to be gaslit. It’s not a good thing. You need to recognize the signs, and to avoid them.

Taking Control Over Your Mind (Beyond Gaslighting Examples)

Understanding mind control techniques, including dark mind control and gaslighting examples, is the best way to make sure that these techniques are never used on you. If people who understand these techniques are targeting them towards you, and you have no idea, you’re basically a fish in a barrel. But if you learn the techniques that we explore in this eBook, you’ll be able to defend yourself and go on the offense when other people will attempt to gain the upper-hand over you in any situation.

From relationships, to work, to family… You need to arm yourself to defend against dark mind control, whether it’s gaslighting or something else. An expert manipulator and mind controller will have all sorts of tools in their belt – you need to be ready for anything and we can help.

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