What is NLP and How Does it Work for Mind Control?

Neuro-linguistic programming, or NLP for short, is a controversial practice that aims to help tip communication and interpersonal encounters in your favor by subtly altering the way one uses language to communicate, among other things, and also as a tool for personal development.

If you think about it, personal development really comes down to learning how to better control your own mind.

There have been countless practitioners of NLP since it originally came to prominence in the 1970s, with different styles and evolution of techniques it along the way. In the late ’70s, marketers were giving into the general public’s growing interest in the idea of human optimization and how to achieve their peak performance, and NLP fit the mold that people were looking for on the mental side of things. One of the original creators of NLP tried to stop other people from selling these techniques, but they went on to play a role in Tony Robbins’ teachings, along with other self-help gurus.

Let’s not bother getting into the intricate details of the history of NLP or the various branches of it, instead let’s look at some of the key concepts of NLP and how they can tie into the practice of controlling minds.

NLP – How does it work for controlling minds?

NLP helps to understand the very things that determine that ways in which people behave. Understanding human behavior is key if you want to be able to influence human behavior. When you can learn to speak or write in a specific way that will lead to better outcomes for you, why wouldn’t you want to unlock this power? There are certain functions of the mind that people just take for granted, they’re just reflexes that often go unnoticed. When one is able to recognize these mental-reflexes, that is the first step towards being able to control them and use them to improve yourself. Once you’ve understood these functions in your own mind and body, you’ll be able to recognize them in other people.

Our goal today isn’t to get into the details of NLP, there are many experienced practitioners who can teach the specifics about it, you can find all sorts of information on YouTube and around the web. That’s not what we’re here for, we’re much more interested in the idea of mind control. NLP is just one of many tools that you can learn to add to your arsenal, each one will give you a greater understanding of the other tools.

Ok – Then What’s Next?

If you want to step far beyond what NLP can offer to you, and to learn the full puzzle, you’re in the right place. We have a ton of free content for you to read and learn from, and then when you’re ready you can explore the darker and more powerful sides of mind control. It’s not something to just jump into without taking it very seriously, because some of these techniques can be used for sinister things if they’re in the wrong hands. Once you learn some of these advanced mind control techniques, you might never approach the world, or even your day to day conversations, in the same way. Are you sure you want this? Do you want to be operating on a higher level than those around you? It’s like standing on stilts in the middle of a crowd. You’re still right there with them, but you can see the bigger picture when everyone else can only see the crowd. Is that something you want to be able to do? Learning these mental techniques will open up these doors. You can start with the rest of the free content on this site, or you can dive right into the deep and and start your training right now with our exclusive eBook.

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