What is Stonewalling? What Does It Mean When You’re Being Stonewalled?

Stonewalling is a manipulation technique that isn’t as well-known as gaslighting (what is gaslighting?), but once you know what this is called, you’ll start to see it all the time – especially if somebody is trying to manipulate and control your mind.

Knowing what stonewalling looks like is a crucial part of making sure that it doesn’t happen to you, and knowing what to do if it does.

We’re here to help to identify this mind control technique because it’s dark and dangerous. Knowing how to identify stonewalling can allow you to deescalate in the moment, and to make the appriote decisions about to do next.

There are certain mind control techniques that we teach on this site, and there are other ones that we teach you how to avoid. This also includes teaching you how to avoid doing them. While we talk about stuff like mind control to get your ex back, different mind control techniques, NLP for mind control, and even dark mind control – we never, ever encourage you to use these techniques in a nefarious way that could hurt people. In some cases, you can use mind control strategies to improve your own mind and understanding of the world, in other cases you can use them to help with negotiations in business or getting what you want out of situations, but it’s not good to use manipulation or abuse tactics, it’s not a “cheat code”, it can severely harm people for many years.

It’s important to heed these warnings. We’re talking about stonewalling because a lot of people do this without even knowing that it has a name. You’ve probably stonewalled people in your life before, and you’ve probably been stonewalled. Knowing the name for it and understanding the details of this action can help you get it out of your life and interactions.

If you want to learn to truly harness all of the different forms of mind control, and to use them to solve your problems and fix your life, we offer an in-depth series of books that you can order from this very website, if you think you’re ready.

What is Stonewalling?

Stonewalling in relationships: In an argument, a discussion, a negotiation, a conflict, or just a regular conversation, stonewalling is when somebody refuses to communicate anymore. The name really describes it well, it’s putting up a wall between you and the other person. Stonewalling is a manipulation tactic that people w

Stonewalling in politics: In politics, stonewalling is a little bit different in practice. It’s when somebody is asked a question, and they just completly refuse to comment on it. It’s a bit different than stonewalling in a relationship, where the communication is just abruptly stopped, since the person who is stonewalling in politics is still going to sit there, and may answer other questions that are unrelated to the topic that they’re stonewalling about.

What if I Just Don’t Want to Keep Talking?

Conversations can turn toxic, and at a certain point they just aren’t productive anymore. If you try to end a conversation or an argument, does that mean you are stonewalling? Nope!

There’s a difference between ending a conversation and stonewalling somebody. It’s okay to say, “Hey, listen, I’m getting very frustrated here and it feels like we’re talking in circles. I need to disengage from this conversation for a bit, so I can cool down, and reflect on what’s been said thus far.” But it’s stonewalling if you just up and leave, refusing to hear any criticism or listen to the other person. Ending a conversation or postponing a difficult chat are not the same things as stonewalling somebody.

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